A 50-year Journey to Discover a Fun, Comfortable Way to Learn Landscape Architectural Design (4/38)

Part Four introduces a three-step design process. In it, you, as the designer-author, write a first- or second-person narrative of someone or group experiencing your design. Yes, I am aware you do not have a design at this point. Yes, asking you to write a short narrative is odd but you’ll come to find the characters in your written experiential narrative are your eventual design’s participants and will lead you through the emerging design. With the help of three authors (Rae, 1996; Kooser, 2005; Lamott, 1994) a graphics instructor (Wester, 1990), and an American Studies professor (Conron, 1974) you come to appreciate how identifying the likely participants in your design’s narrative can introduce you to a design as a written landscape narrative. Once written, even in a rough form, your narrative, with the help of your peers, is refined and turned into a storyboard. Finally, the storyboard, again with the help of your cohorts, is turned into your proposed landscape design.

Given the first four parts we arrive at Part Five’s logical question: “Are we, as the designers of other’s lifeworlds, ethically responsible to at least meet if not exceed the experiential expectations of those we serve?”

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