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Bob, Scarfo established Land and Life®, LLC, as a diversified land planning consulting company that works with local interest groups in highly participatory problem solving enviornments. Together, he and his participants deliver planning and design solutions that anticipate a changing future. Bob has organized and led workshops, focus groups, and collaborative work teams in the innovative, future-looking design of neighborhoods, urban and suburban districts, and rural communities. Bob’s “fence hopping,” experiences, as he calls them, provide him with an ability to integrate abstract environmental and social systems with people’s personal and communal needs.

Bob Scarfo is a registered landscape architect in Washington and Massachusetts. The past 25 years have focused on design for aging in place, and ways the built environment can contribute to the dignity and wellbeing of people living with autism and various forms of memory loss and their

“Living is a thing you do now or never which do you?”

— Piet Hein, Grooks

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Land and Life®, LLC
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