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Living2Learn, the educational division of Land and Life®, LLC, enhances K-12 learning through a highly integrative approach to authentic, place-based learning that engages the energy and creativity of youth as active, contributing members of their community. As a vital community resource, K-12 project-based learning sees a classroom without walls where the community is the classroom.

Youth are the bridge to the future. Engaged in learning in which they work alongside local business owners, concerned community members, and municipal staff, today’s students become tomorrow’s citizens. A youth’s participation in its community’s growth is more critical today than ever. The growing global influences on individuals, communities, and nations call for new, innovative ways of being understood and acted upon.

Living2Learn staff work with teachers and schools to develop community-driven, project-based learning experiences that integrate K-12 students as active participants in and contributors to their communities’ wellbeing, in a word, resilience..

For more on the rationale driving Living2Learn, Director Bob Scarfo’s community-based service-learning background, and a sample of projects carried out by students, download a copy of:

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

Albert Einstein