Natural Environment
Settlement, Village, Town
Agriculture & Food Production
Open Space, Recreation, and Education
Urban Neighborhoods


The growing of healthy, sustainable communities from within by engaging diverse groups of local people in processes that result in places that display, foster, and perpetuate sustainable daily community activities. 


Along with local human assets and natural resources, Land & Life uses five emerging and converging global trends --- climate change, peak oil, water scarcity, obesity and poor public health, and aging – to the benefit of our clients’ neighborhoods, towns, cities, or regions. Together we lay the foundation for sustainable, economically vital, socially vibrant communities by sharing our understanding that the five trends’:

  • First-time Ever nature cannot allow communities to conduct business as usual;
  • Scope of Influence will touch everyone globally, nationally, regionally, and at local, neighborhood, and personal levels;
  • Converging & Overlapping works to our benefit; any one solution provides multiple benefits;
  • Common Denominator, the Built Environment, allows the creation of diverse collaborative teams;
  • Indicators Provide Resources to be employed in preparing for change; and
  • Eventual Down-sizing of most aspects of daily life is unavoidable, and a good thing. 

Altogether, our jointly arrived at land planning and environmental design outcomes save on municipal service costs, promote a healthy public, reduce health-related costs, enable greater independence of an aging population, shrink the community’s carbon footprint, and build social capital.